Embracing the Unknown

A step once taken can never be taken back. It can be retraced, forgotten, and over time it can be covered up, but the step was still taken.

Etched into the journey of discovery, no single step can be set apart from the journey itself.

Every journey begins with a single step. It can only ever be taken one step at a time, no matter how far you’ve come or how far you have left to go.

A journey into the unknown; is it a step toward greatness or a step toward demise, and just how deep does the unknown go?

To find the answer you must go further, beyond anything you’ve ever seen, heard, or felt.

Into the Depths

Carl Jung used archetypes as a way of translating traits intrinsic to human behavior. He referred to the archetype of the Trickster as being the precursor to that of the Hero. This is a symbolic representation that in order to become a master at something, you have to first be willing to be a seen as a fool. This is true when beginning anything new.

When entering into the depths of unknown territory, it is equivalent to stumbling into the dark. But there is a light somewhere. It might take a bit of stumbling, but once you stumble enough you will learn the territory, and eventually, you will find the light. Once you find the light, you’ve mapped that section of unknown territory. You can see further than before, but you look to see the light only goes so far. There is more you don’t know.

Again, you stumble into the darkness of the unknown, this time with the experience and skills gained from previously stumbling. You are able to find the light quicker, and you are able to see further only to realize that light only goes so far to lead into more unknown territory.

It is a never-ending journey, but every step leads to a map of terrain previously unknown. The unknown can be overwhelming, but embracing the unknown leads to growth and deeper understanding. Incremental growth and deliberate practice take a keen sense of discipline and patience to see progress, but in the long-run will lead to massive results.

When stepping into unknown territory, there will always be struggles and encounters you never could have anticipated. The only way to know about these circumstances is in hindsight after having previously taken the steps. As you take the steps you will grow from the situations eventually leading you to master the terrain. The only way to master the terrain is to take the steps, one at a time, and be willing to fail along the way.

The conquering of unknown territory leads to revelation and therein transformation. Once mastering the terrain, your comfort zone is expanded and transformed from the unknown into the known.

The unknown is full of monumental peaks and devastating troughs, each assent and decent a transitory step in the totality of the journey.

A step into darkness, a step into light, a step into the unknown; just take the step.


Nathan Borealis

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